And Our E-Prize For The Most Impatient....



....'customer' of 2018 goes to....


The person who ordered a rare British MKVII Gas Mask Bag of WW2-genre on Sunday the 16th of December - which was posted a few days later (during one of our busiest weeks of the year for our mail-order div'), and this was the email received by said customer in to mister E's 'in box' at 09:14hrs on Saturday the 22nd:

'Really ? It’s taken you from the 16th of December to process and dispatch my order today 22nd December ? I don’t think I will be ordering from you again.'

Well, my return email kind of says it all (name etc have been obscured for **** purposes) but, need I say, if this is the way the world of 'instant gratification' is going, then I'm out of here!


....and the reply from @E admin:


"****, (name eliminated for **** purposes)

Interesting comments.

Ordered on a Sunday. Dispatched within 5 working days in an extremely busy time?

I have deleted you from our system for your convenience.




Anyway, a Very Merry Christmas to you all! - except Mr, ummmm, errrr, A, ummmm, B, errrr, ahhhh, C, D, E, ahhhh, got it (!) Mister F! (I'm off for dinner now)....


(Yep, took me a while, it's CHRISTMAS, sorry!)