British 58-Pattern Poncho. Used/Graded. Olive Green.


Here we have the incredibly popular and ultra-versatile Poncho.

Now becoming very scarce in good grades, we have managed to source a quantity in recent times - this could, just could, be the very last....

The poncho (in this genre) has been around since the mid-late 50's and was replaced in the mid 90's with 'shelter sheet, general service' (which is still known within military circles as a 'poncho') taking its place.

Various contractors have made the British poncho, including Belstaff, B.L.L, CQC, Irvin, Remploy, Seyntex, Vacuum Reflex, Watsons....

The '58' is a very robust piece of kit, but does suffer from genre-ailments; notably, dried out seam-seals (due to age / generic shelf-life) P.U breakdown (due to usage / incorrect maintenance / storage etc.), general use and abuse when used for intended purpose i.e out in the field in a professional environment....

We have graded all of our stock individually so you will get exactly what you pay for.

Our grades for this product are split in to two types - generic grade 2 / grade 1 & supergrades etc.

And then there is our 'G-stock' grading system, whereby the item (in this case a poncho) may not be fully fit for the purpose it was designed for i.e. keeping the user / wearer dry in adverse conditions. More detailed info can be found on our dedicated G-spot page (to follow).

The 58, in the first instance, is an over-the-head keep-you-dry piece of kit, but can also be used very effectively as a shelter (many configurations are possible) / tarp / groundsheet, and can even be teamed with a poncho liner to make a basic 1-2 season sleeping 'bag'!

Built into the poncho are a draw-cord for the hood and a tie-cord for around the mid-rift, this helps to keep our poncho friend snugger to the body in windy conditions.

There are also 6 stud fasteners across a reinforced section towards the lower-front of the poncho, this is deigned to be incorporated within the 58-pattern sleeping bag to form the basis of an integrated shelter / sleep system - see images.

With a footprint of 7' x 5' the poncho can cover a small-to-medium-sized pack on your back.


Guide to grading:

Grade 2; generally well-used, may have seam-seal missing, generic storage / usage marks. Both draw/cords present. P.U may be starting to break down but will still provide basic weather resistance.

Grade 1; all-round good order, seam-seal present, may have minor storage / usage marks. Both draw/cords present. P.U in tact and would function as a highly weather resistant item.

Supergrade; excellent all-round order, seam-seal present and sound. The poncho will be clean, have good patina and be ready to use.

Hand Picked; this will buy the very best from our selected supergrades. Plus, will come with a 'lil endy bonus pack!* 


Weight variation: 900 to 1,100 grams.


*Limited stock / limited offer.


Olive Green
100% Nylon
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Price: £12.95