British Arctic Candles x 4. White.


....''four candles''....

....that's right, fork handles,  'andles for forks!


(edit; some ages - Mrs. E included - may not quite get the jist....)


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But seriously....we have genuine arctic-issue long-burn candles available now....

Manufactured by Price's, these top quality candles have a long burn-time and are ideal as back-up lighting in the home or out in the field - or the arctic of course!

Note; sold ex-original MoD packaging and in units of fork handles, sorry, 4 candles!

Length: 4.50"
Diameter: 1.25"

And here is The Cat's review....

"Put the word 'Arctic' before any piece of kit and you immediately have my attention, it's like Catnip to me!

So imagine my delight when Kev brought a box with the heading 'Candle Illuminating Arctic' that had just turned up at the E stores, to my attention.

Now a pair of long life candles always finds its way into my exped kit, and they are especially important when heading north, into the freezer ( tho not exclusively, like many outdoor folk and bushcrafters I use them as gentle illumination and emergency fire lighters year round ).

I tend to use the UCO candles, in a brass holder and I was struck by the similarities when I saw these military issue ones.

Most of my kit is in storage at the moment as I move house so I didn't have one to hand for a straight comparison but many of you will be familiar with them.

Now I have heard some pretty wild claims made for these candles, especially regarding their burn time, so I thought it best to get some facts.

My strong suspicion is that they are NOT, the colour is wrong, they do not burn with a smoky flame or have the particular smell that anyone familiar with tallow will recognize.  

So how do they perform?

In my view, very very favorably.

In an indoor setting I got an 8 hour 28 minutes burn time. As impressive as this was, it was the quality of the flame that impressed.

In fairly still conditions they produced a 2.5 inch, or roughly 5cm bright flame, with a fairly consistent 1cm nice fat flame, bright enough in the dark to read by!

Quality is excellent, nice thick wick, not crumbly and of very solid construction.

These candles are produced by Prices, another reassuring feature. They make the best candles that I have used and have been doing so since 1830, so they know a thing or two about candle power!

Will one or two find their way into my kit? you betcha!

In conclusion, a highly rated, quality product. You know what you are getting with a Prices candle, and the 'Arctic' version is no exception."


Ready to buy? How many units of 4 candles would you like? 

Remember, the price is £6.95 for four candles.

Price: £6.95