British 'Flare Kit' Haversack. New. Olive.


These are genuine issue ex M.o.D-disposals lightweight side packs designed to hold the 'stabilised illumination flare kit'.

So that's all good then!

Has one internal section with a good long (130cm) 25mm wide strap which is fully adjustable.

The hood element is secured via 2 x 25mm side-release clips.

Also has a really useful under-hood velcro'd storage compartment, ideal, for example, a first aid kit / meds or a map - cue Dora the explora!

There is also a 'grab handle' on the top, ideal for a quick getaway!

The front panel can be pulled away via velcro'd vertical strips* to open this little beauty right up. This can be useful if you need to see all the contents.

All-in-all a great little pack and ideal for a group first aid kit / general bimbling / brew/fire kit / sandwich / work / car bag. Great!

Fantastic quality & brand new to-boot.


*We have also sewn a batch of these up so if you would like this modification just add to 'order comments''.


Olive Green
N.A.T.O ref: 
Dimensions: 27 cm × 21 cm × 14 cm
Price: £6.95