British M.V.P Standard Bivi Bag. Olive.


Olive green sleeping bag cover - aka bivi bag - made from moisture vapour permeable fabric (a waterproof and breathable material from new) all graded for condition and priced accordingly.

This is the 'standard' model having an entry opening of approx. 85cm.

Grade 2: Generally poor condition. Suffering from typical genre ailments plus may have lost its seam-seals. No warranty.

Grade 1: All-round reasonable condition. Suffering from minor genre ailments. No warranty.

Grade Super: Excellent all-round reasonable condition. Fully checked and qc'd. Reasonable warranty - ring for availability.

Grade New: Now rare. Buy one if you can!

Olive - Mid
Dimensions: 250 cm × 85 cm × 0 cm
Weight: 850 g
List price: £0.00
Price: £21.95