British-patt. M.V.P X-T Bivi Bag. New. Dk O/D.


Okay, now here's a surprise....a superb re-make of an 'old faithful'!

Or, more to the point, a re-make we actually rate, with the only notable difference being the slightly shorter upper-cowl section.

Patterned after the British XT (wide mouth) sleeping bag cover - aka bivi bag - and made from a premium quality moisture vapour permeable fabric - a  waterproof and breathable material.

All seams are fully taped to a high standard, making for a very robust piece of kit....essential for outdoor use, helping to keep you warm and dry in extreme conditions.

Superbly put together and comes in an earthly dark-olive-drab flavour....

Endy Special! All web-placed orders will be dispatched within an Endy stash /storage pouch - absolutely FREE!

In a nutshell: a brand new item for a similar price to a very good grade of surplus 'bag.


Stats, approx:

Length: 250cm
Width: Upper; Nett; 85cm
Width: Upper; Gross; 110cm
Width: Mid; 75cm
Width: Foot; 70cm

Also available in a Woodland Camo flavour.

Olive - Dark
Dimensions: 250 cm × 110 cm × 0 cm
Weight: 850 g
List price: £0.00
Price: £45.95