British Wool Wristlets. Used/Graded/New. Creamy-White.

Here's a pair of toasty wrist warmers - a traditional piece of kit, loved by many over the years, albeit now becoming harder to find.

Ideal as a 'stand-alone' plus makes for an excellent lower-arm insulator, helping to transfer body-heat to the region most needing it; your hands :o).........available in delicious creamy-white flavour!

Length: forearm; 12"
Length: underarm; 9"

And here is The Cat's review....

Just a word on these wristlets, I have used these on a couple of winter arctic trips and I must say, they have earned their place. Sure, they are a throw back, however they are beautifully made, 100% wool and form a crucial barrier between sleeve and glove/ mitt in deep cold. Importantly they are not tight on the wrist or over the back of the hand so blood flow is not restricted, even slightly. They can be worn over a thin pair of Merino gloves to add insulative umph to create a dexterous set up which can be slid easily into mitts for deep cold. Plus, they have a touch of the 'Shackleton' about them, never a bad thing !!

100% Wool
White - off
N.A.T.O ref: 
Price: £1.95