Camtech Cam Cream Compact. Centre Europe.

This is arguably the best cam cream available.

This 'Centre Europe' compact having the colour combo of light green, brown and black.

(Also available in 'tropical' flavour)

Loved by forces personnel but no longer available through the MoD channels (as resourced to a much cheaper/inferior product) so we've sourced this excellent product 'direct from manufacturer'.

With its 'pigment dense' formula, very little product is needed, making for excellent 'cost per use' stats - typically 20-30 facial applications.

Very easy to apply, it goes on smoooooooth (unlike the current issue that nobody likes.........all that yucky vaseline) and is 'easy-off' with some warm & soapy.

Contained within a robust 'compact' with built-in styrene mirror.

Green - Dark
Price: £6.50