Dutch 3-Day Assault Pack. Coyote-Tan.


Wow, we're lovin' these!


Another superb product from our Dutch friends!

This lightweight pack has been designed for tactical situations, with build-quality and practicality above and beyond many packs. 

Ideal as your go-to pack for a quick bimble or as a 3-dayer. Assuming you're packing light....


Everything is screwed together properly and shouldn't (ever) let you down.

Even the internal seams are bound-over to ensure strength and durability, unlike some other 'major' brands....


Plus, facility for extra capacity via front and side MOLLE platforms.


In brief:

1 x main compartment with 'heavy-duty' zip
1 x sub-compartment in 3-D format 
with medium-duty zip
1 x sub-compartment in 1-D format, ideal for maps / documents etc.
1 x Waist part-padded belt*
1 x Sternum strap* 

There are also side compression straps and various other very useful ladder-locks and 'D' rings.

A water bladder can also be incorporated!

So, all-in-all a top class piece of kit that we're prepared to put our unique 'Endy lifetime warranty' on it! T&C's apply, naturally....



Back length: 48cm - gross.

Capacity: 35lts approx.


Guide to grading on this item:

Super - Selected conditions, best we have
Grade 1 - good all rounder, fixtures/fittings present, may have light-medium fabric blemishing

Grade 2 - okay all rounder, will have medium-heavy fabric blemishing 
Grade B - refurbished as far as we can go, will have med-heavy fabric blemishing of varying degrees
Grade C - refurbished as far as we can go, will have heavy fabric blemishing of varying degrees

All packs may have names / numbers / Dutch-release stamps present.



* These fixtures / fittings are only guaranteed on supergrade or hand-picked stock.





Coyote - Brown
N.A.T.O ref: 
Dimensions: 50 cm × 35 cm × 20 cm
Price: £12.95