Fabric. IPK-Sheeting. Off-The-Roll. Olive.


Available (for the first time!) ex-stores, a premium quality off-the-roll material, original stock which would have been cut into kip sheets for the 'individual protection kits'.


This is genuine issue military-grade product. 

Weatherproof, tear & rot-resist - generation-2B, so still fresh.

Extremely durable.

Ideal for weatherproof coverings for BBQ's, outdoor 'stuff', or to make into larger tarps or other projects etc.


Our fabric is sold per linear metre, and in one continuous length - if you order 4 metres for example, we'll send one piece of four metres, or, if you would prefer as individual units let us know.


Fabric weight: 6oz (approx.) per square metre.


Length: off-the-roll
Width: 150cm - nett


Note: this product is sold ex-stores, so for in-store collection please email Kevin to order.


Ok, ready to buy? How many metres would you like?


Olive - Mid
Price: £5.95