Fabric. Off-The-Roll. Gore-Tex®. Red.


Now available ex-stores, a premium quality M.V.P fabric.

Gore-Tex® is a highly breathable and watertight material.

This is a military grade product, with the Gore® membrane being laminated between two high-performance textiles - this ensures extreme durability and abrasion resistance. 

Ideal for making utility items and outer clothing.


We even have a customer who has made a fantastic awning for his VW California camper van from this fabric!


Our fabric is sold per linear metre and in one continuous length - if you order 4 metres for example, we'll send one piece of four metres, or, if you would prefer as individual units let us know.


Note: this product is sold ex-stores, so for in-store collection please email Kevin to order.


Ok, ready to buy? How many metres would you like?


Price: £7.95