Fabric. Off-The-Roll. Gore-Tex® Repair Tape. Olive.


Now available ex-stores, a premium quality M.V.P fabric patch / repair tape.

Genuine military issue.

This is perfect for small-to-medium repairs if you happen to damage / burn / rip an M.V.P garment, or ancillary item.

Can also be used successfully on (some) generic materials.


We use this every day in our workshops for repairs to jackets, trousers, gaiters and bivi bags etc.

Our repair tape is sold per linear metre, and in one continuous length - if you order 2 metres for example, we'll send one piece of two metres, or, if you would prefer as individual units let us know.

Easy to use; simply cut out a patch to a suitable size to cover the damaged area.

Then, using a hot / dry iron press the iron into the tape. This will release the adhesive incorporated within the tapes structure.

For super-strength the tape can be applied back-to-back i.e an inside and outside mirror-repair.


Full and more detailed instructions on its use is available if needed!


You can see samples of some of our recent tape work in the images below.


Length: off-the-roll
Width: 10cm


Note: this product is sold ex-stores, so for in-store collection please email Kevin to order.


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Olive - Light
Price: £1.95