Genuine (Ex-P'chute) Para Cord. 3x3 Metres. Olive/Fleck.

Here we have cordage derived from one of our massive bulk-buys!

Sourced directly from a huge quantity of original Italian, French and South African stock.

All cords have been dispatched from original parachute assemblies, and are guaranteed of extremely high grade and structure.

This cord is in a medium-olive with a black-fleck flavoring!

Supplied: 3 x lil' endy bundles x 3metre lengths.

Diameter: 3mm approx.

This type of para cord has no inner-core strands.

Equivalent cost per metre: £0.10.

Olive - Mid
100% Nylon
Dimensions: 10 ft × 0 ft × 0 ft
Price: £0.95