German "D" Ring Securing Device.


Here we have a very useful lockable hinged device suited to securing through the grommet rings of a kit bag. 

Extremely robust and should last a lifetime.

....oh, and here's some breaking news from one of our customers (Mr. S.J.L) who's recently received a couple of these via our mail order system....

"Got to say, those "D" rings are AWESOME ! Although you have gone to the trouble of putting the sizes on the page very clearly, I didn't even look at it, so when they arrived I was a little (pleasantly) surprised.

The down side is that my wife quickly spotted that they would make suitable handcuffs, so instructions on how to escape from them would be greatly appreciated (you know, in an hour or so, the candle's still burning :o)
Very best wishes to you and all there....S"
Okay Simon, thank you for this 'alternative' perception of the 'double-D'! Cheers! Kev D, sorry E!


Dimensions: 11 cm × 6 cm × 0 cm
Price: £1.95