German Folding Sleep Pad. Dk.Olive.


Here we have the much sought after genuine Bund vertically and horizontally folding sleeping mat.

Designed to sleep on (obviously!) and can also be incorporated within the rear of the German mountain pack, adding additional comfort to your carry.

These mats are very thin, at around 4mm, so added comfort is in the 'bare minimum' category.

All mats are ex-works and will be refurbished and repaired in various ways.

Ascetically not for the perfectionist, but still fit for purpose.

When folded (38x28x3.5cm), can also be used as a useful sit (that's SIT) pad!

Grade A; minimal small - medium taped/glued repairs
Grade B; more / larger 
taped/glued repairs
Grade C; massive taped/glued repairs!


Olive - Dark
P.F Foam
Dimensions: 188 cm × 55 cm × 0.4 cm
Weight: 330 g
List price: £0.00
Price: £5.95