Premium 'Para' Cord - 30 Metres on Winder. B-T.P.


Here we have prepared 30 metres of one of our best seller cords onto our unique endy 'locked-&-loaded' winder - how cool do these look!! 

Superb cord, ideal for 100's uses - tarps, beans, whipping, tying up your wife.........) guaranteed length, x-endy-elves, of 30 metres!

Far superior to other 'cords in this price bracket.

This is for one 'crab line' of 30mts.

Endy recommends!

Available in 4 colours, this is for 'british-terrain pattern' flavour!

Also available in 15, 50 & original 100 metre rolls.

Diameter: 3mm.

Equivalent cost per metre: £0.20 - including winder.

Available 'off the roll' too, ideal if you require (shorter) length specific.

D.P.M - B-T.P
100% Nylon
Dimensions: 95 ft × 0 ft × 0 ft
Price: £5.95