Swedish Gen-1 Snow Smock. Dyed Olive Green.

Genuine overhead cold-climate smock out of Sweden.

Incredibly popular, particularly during the winter months. 

Two medium-large bulgy pockets can accommodate your must-have-to-hand kit.

The fabric is very densely woven so deemed 'windproof'.

The hood is of a high-volume design and can be adjusted to a degree.

We've had these professionally dyed and typically have inxs of 95% dye-cover.

This (may) give a slightly mottled - but nice - effect.

These smocks are great value so you won't be afraid to use it. Will take bramble-scrub and could be worn around the camp fire to no ill effect. 

Important E-notes:

The gen-1 has no mid-rift cord and is typically cut smaller and shorter than its gen-2 counter-part. Typical height range of gen-1 is 1.60m to 1.75m / 5' 3" to 5' 9".

Note re sizing: This genre of smock is sized in many different ways covering several decades.

In order to counteract this, we will x-reference with your actual statistics, which we recommend you fill out within your 'user account' info - we may e-mail you if any more information is required in order to supply the correct size.

Olive Green
100% Cotton
N.A.T.O ref: 
Price: £99.99