U.S. Quilted Poncho Liner. Woodland D.P.


Here we have the incredibly popular and ultra-versatile American poncho liner, a.k.a.. 'woobie'.

The 'liner (in this genre) has been around since the mid-1960's / Vietnam war era, and has earnt its place as an essential piece of kit, having a multitude of functional uses and utility purposes.

With its polyester quilted construction and very light weight, it offers superb warmth-to-weight ration - a bit like my wife really!

With a footprint of 7' x 5' the poncho can be used as a blanket, rolled up into a pillow, a basic hide / shelter and we have seen them modified to all sorts of useful uses....

The woobie can even be teamed with a poncho to make a basic 1-2 season sleeping 'bag'!


We have graded all of our stock  individually (per usual) so you will get exactly what you pay for.

Guide to grading on this item:

Grade 2; generally well-used and may have small-medium patch repairs. May be a bit thin in places.

Grade 1; all-round good order.

Supergrade; excellent all-round order, with full weight and loft. Strong colour.




D.P.M - WL
100% Nylon
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Price: £15.95