"Webbing Weights"(Scoobys). Lead: 1 Unit x 2lb.

A.K.A. (in E land) 'Scoobys'!


Introducing....'Scooby 2' (where are you?)....


Aimed predominately at military personnel, here we have a superb solution for 'adding weight' for specific applications.

The weight (Scooby) is added to the load-bearing webbing system in order to make up to the 21lbs required for certain military exercises.

We have sourced our Scoobys as a superb option as their shape, size and price point tick a lot of boxes.


Our Scoobys are available in both 1lb and 2lb options.


Need Scooby 1?


Endy exclusive:

In addition to our sales division, we also offer some exclusive post-sale options including a 'buy back' policy plus potential for additional in-store discounts along with our unique part-exchange scheme. MoD-90 required; full details and T&C's available in-store.


So, with all the excitement contained (!), how many 2lb Scooby-weights would you like?


....Endyz....worth the weight....

Dimensions: 8 cm × 3.8 cm × 0 cm
Price: £4.95