Welcome to (probably) the best

Army Surplus Store in the South West!

Welcome to the ‘ENDY’ experience!



ENDICOTTS - Made in Devon!

Established over 75 years, you could say we understand the 'Science of Surplus'.


We are a hands-on family run business with detailed Grading and Quality-control procedures at the heart of what we do.


Plus, our customers are rather (read VERY) important too!



We stock;


Genuine Military Surplus; Clothing, Footwear, Hiking, Safety Boots, Thermals, Waterproofs, Vintage / Collectors' items, Flags, Hats, Gloves, Camping, Rucksacks, Workwear etc. etc.



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Plus, we also offer a personal  MAIL ORDER SERVICE  where a real person can guide you through this minefield that is "Surplus"!


So, if you Need Surplus.........We've got it Sorted.


Please call (01392) 433331


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JUST arrived and ready to go.........the popular off-the Roll Webbing CS95 Belt system, Ideal Cadets etc.........        BELT       .........dedicated Web page now available, see  HERE
THINKING of visiting EndyZ over the next couple of weeks? Please note our amended hours:     Monday 23rd March to Saturday 28th March incl:  OPEN - 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs     Sunday 29th March:  OPEN - 12:00hrs to 16:00hrs     Monday 30th March to Thursday 2nd April incl: OPEN - 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs       Good Friday: Closed Saturday 4th April:…
   JUST arrived and in bulk!    POUCH. Side. Olive     Side Pouches for Infantry Rucks......... Currently in our Grading areas and ready very soon. All Grades / conditions available; Grade 2 / Blm to Super+.   ENDY-Promo: Grade 1/+/blm x 80% Colour X-match @ B.O.G.O.F! More info soon.........
NOW in stock.........Brit Cam Netting, classic Woodland (3-tone) MK7, albeit with a rather luxurious 'plush' appearance!   Lovely!! More info soon.........Web page now available, see  HERE    MK7 - plush     Special offer: @ only £0.25 per sq. ft.
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