Welcome to (probably) the best

Army Surplus Store in the South West!

Welcome to the ‘ENDY’ experience!

Established over 75 years, you could say we understand the 'Science of Surplus'.


We are a hands-on family run business with detailed Grading and Quality-control procedures at the heart of what we do.


Plus, our customers are rather (read VERY) important too!



We stock;


Genuine Military Surplus, Clothing, Footwear, Hiking, Bushcraft, Safety Boots, Thermals, Waterproofs, Vintage / Collectors' items, Flags, Hats, Gloves, Camping, Rucksacks, Workwear etc. etc.


Plus, we also offer a totally bespoke Mail Order Service where a real person can guide you through this minefield that is "Surplus" !


So, if you Need Surplus.........


We've got it Sorted.


Please call (01392) 433331








NOW in stock and being processed - (pics/more info to follow):   A significant one-off mixed parcel of British and ex foreign-Military contract stock. The parcel includes (all lines are brand New/perfect unless stated otherwise) - Stock status: Plenty to go 'round - 20+ units: Holdalls, ex-Dubai SF - Desert D.P - superb piece of quality Kit......... Web page now available, see…
OKAY, we're back from that there MoD Contractor place and we've 7 pallets of Kit en-route. Not forgetting of course, the half-ton of goodies we crammed in to the rear of the ENDY-Porsche!! Note to self: Must ask Father Christmas for Trailer and Roof rack......... So, what 'av wegot? Brit Kit: Mess Tins - up to S+ grades →  …
JUST arrived folks! A quantity of the superb, tried and trusted, N.A.T.O 58-Patt. Down/Feather Sleeping Bags. The first batches are now ready! Web page under construction, see  HERE    
HELLO (Woof!) ENDY readers! It's Bartles here, the official ENDY Dog!                           BARTLES     It's my first Birthday today and I've just had my party!  My Daddy ('Mister E') has 'cooked' (blue) me some super-yummy 'Moo-chop' (steak)!          TONGUE out. Ready.........     I love my…
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