Welcome to (probably) the best

Army Surplus Store in the South West!

Welcome to the ‘ENDY’ experience!

Established over 75 years, you could say we understand the 'Science of Surplus'.


We are a hands-on family run business with detailed Grading and Quality-control procedures at the heart of what we do.


Plus, our customers are rather (read VERY) important too!



We stock;


Genuine Military Surplus, Clothing, Footwear, Hiking, Bushcraft, Safety Boots, Thermals, Waterproofs, Vintage / Collectors' items, Flags, Hats, Gloves, Camping, Rucksacks, Workwear etc. etc.


Plus, we also offer a totally bespoke Mail Order Service where a real person can guide you through this minefield that is "Surplus" !


So, if you Need Surplus.........


We've got it Sorted.


Please call (01392) 433331








ENDYZ are pleased to announce we'll soon be stocking the awesome range of SENTINEL Webbing Systems.          SNEAK preview     Consisting of MoD-Contractor quality Ruck sacks, Bergens, Pouches and ancillary items.                              SNEAK preview     All 'Super-MOLLE' based and coming with a lifetime guarantee.…
WE'VE just taken delivery of several hundred Ammo Boxes in really super-duper condition. In fact, they couldn't be better! Initially designated for Cartridges 'Weapons Inert Projectiles' - aka Baton Rounds -  they are the same size as our 50-cals. Dedicated web page now available, see  HERE
SEPTEMBER SiZZler @ EndyZ!   WE HAVE A WINNER.........Mr. Gales from Plymouth! Well done Sir!   NOW LIVE. Good luck! May the fastest fingers WIN!!   And the results of our September SiZZler Competition are:   The Winners correct answers (see below) came in at: 19:11 HRS   followed by: John K @ 19:15 Stephen @ 19:18 Alf W @…
  JUST arrived and in our Grading / prep-areas.........from £5.95.........dedicated Web Page now available, see  HERE
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