Welcome to (probably) the best

Army Surplus Store in the South West!

Welcome to the ‘ENDY’ experience!



ENDICOTTS - Made in Devon!

Established over 75 years, you could say we understand the 'Science of Surplus'.


We are a hands-on family run business with detailed Grading and Quality-control procedures at the heart of what we do.


Plus, our customers are rather (read VERY) important too!



We stock;


Genuine Military Surplus; Clothing, Footwear, Hiking, Safety Boots, Thermals, Waterproofs, Vintage / Collectors' items, Flags, Hats, Gloves, Camping, Rucksacks, Workwear etc. etc.



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Plus, we also offer a personal  MAIL ORDER SERVICE  where a real person can guide you through this minefield that is "Surplus"!


So, if you Need Surplus.........We've got it Sorted.


Please call (01392) 433331


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OUR new range of Kidz Camo Clothing has just landed! Consisting of Caps, Jackets, Tee Shirts, Tac-Vests, Trousers, Helmets and Assault Vests!   Special intro-offer:   A free set of DOG TAGS with any purchase of B.T.P. - while stocks last! Web info to follow.........   Per intro.........   £  1.95  Cap £15.95  Jacket £  4.50  Tee Shirt £10.95  Tac-Vest…
      Exciting updates coming soon.........oh, no. It might be L.B.M.........   So, just where exactly is Mister E's new web site? Can't find it anywhere. Will get back to ewe when I have found it.........but the word on the streety is that it's fresh, exciting and totally out of this wold, sorry, world!!       CLIMBING. It's up…
JUST arrived and ready to go.........Brand New BLACKHAWK!® Knee Pads in Foliage Green.........                  EEEK!     "CRIKEY! When Mister E. said he had some Knee Pads en-route I wasn't expecting them to be this type. These appear to be a 36DD! Awesome!"   OH, no! L.B.M has hijacked another one of my web…
  US Endy Kidz now have our own web page see  HERE  
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