Every single Surplus item we sell goes through a minimum 5-point quality check before going on sale - the appliance of 'surplus' science! 

We do not just pull stuff off a pile and chuck it on the shelf! 

'GRADE 2’: Well-worn / fabric-blemished / and / or repaired, as necessary.  May have names / numbers present etc. but still deemed serviceable. 

'GRADE 1’: All round good order with strong colour - typically 75% of wear remaining. May have small repairs (product dependent) and / or with light fabric-blemishing / names / numbers present etc. 

'SUPER-GRADE’: Best grade available. Excellent patina. A couple of notches down from 'new'. 

  • We also incorporate a ‘split grade' policy i.e., a product can be graded as '1+' if it falls between our grade 1 and our supergrade. Yes, we are that specific.

"If you need Surplus, we have it Sorted!"