Welcome To Our New Website!

Hello all,

A very warm welcome from me, mister E - aka Kev!

Here comes the sun, and here comes the exciting launch of our brand-new website!

We are changing things around a little bit here at endyZ, and we reckon it is all for the better.

Introducing our fantastic new, secure, mobile device friendly, and hopefully, entertaining style and format!

We have worked extremely hard over the last few weeks to build the new site, so let us hope you enjoy your new Endy experience! :o) 

With 100's & 100's of products still to add, do drop by regularly as there will surely be something to float your boat, sizzle your bacon or even ruffle your truffle if you are lucky :o)

A few pointers about the new site:

Due to our fantastic trade with CTCRM, we have set up a totally separate category - Corps Kit - which should cover the vast majority of your kit requirements, plus if you drop me a line with your ‘last 4’ I can arrange a ‘discount code’ which can be applied across the whole site. Troop enquires also welcomed.

We have introduced a guest blog area which will always be worth perusing, so if you have an interesting story to tell involving your endyZ experience or products, do drop me a line - a very special endyZ goody-bag for all quality contributions!

The categories have been laid out in an easy to navigate format with high quality information within, plus a few ramblings from me, aka, "Kev says!".

Also, and by popular demand, we have reintroduced our very good friend LBM, he will be overseeing what I get up to with my new toy!

So, do spend a while finding your way around and if you need any assistance we are here to help and guide you.

We will, of course, encourage any feedback - good, bad, or indifferent - from our wonderful pod of customers....we live and learn.

And finally, may I express a huge "thank you" to Frank & Nikki at  GFIVEDESIGN  who have provided Mister E with this amazing platform for me to play on - you have so much patience! As many of you will know, I very rarely big somebody up unless they have exceptional skills and capability, and yes, these guys rock. Thank you both.

Let us look forward to the future…..

Oh, that reminds me, one of my favourites ever films - or maybe that was that 'Back' to the Future?!

Oh, well….

All the best folks….see you soon….

“Kev says! :o)"

P.S FYI our ‘grumpy gorilla’ was not formulated on me. Honest!




  • Feb 25, 2021
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