Check Out Some Of Our Customer Comments

Hi folks, over the years we have received countless customer comments and feedback, most (!) of which have been on the positive side....

So, by popular request, we've compiled a list to share with you.

All are 100% genuine and were sent purely at the senders decision.

Here you go:

"Just to let you know that the trousers arrived safely, my son has missed shopping with you until I told him you were online!
Strangely, it was the smell of the place he's been missing and the smell of the trousers reminded him of your shop!
Thanks again, I am sure we'll be back soon.
Regards, Sallie H"

"Afternoon Kevin, I just received my Hexi Tabs. One very happy customer. Thanks and regards, DM"

"Hi Kev. Re ORDER #???? I received my items today. Thanks for the superb service once again ! All great stuff ! The Berghaus side pockets fit perfectly and I can find a multitude of uses for them when not on rucksack. I'll order some more of these if you have some equally good-uns. DN".

"Congratulations on the new website. Looking good, and much improved...." 

"Hello, like the new web site!"

"Dear Kevin, Your new website is far easier to navigate, and thus spend money I don't actually have yet....MG"

“Your new website is just too good. M”

"OUTSTANDING!!! Great quality, brilliant price and delivered so quickly. One very happy man. Toblerone to boot, nice little touch. I will enjoy. Thanks for a top quality service. J.H"

"Glad the new website is buzzing, as I say, it's definitely super slick and a lot more user-friendly than the other surplus sites out there - L"

"Evening, I thought I had come to the wrong place, cool new website liking it allot - Mick"

"Kev, This is your old pal Felix **** - known to you as Mr F. I have scoured the world and the internet and to this day nowhere else does such great prices. Love the new website by the way. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future. I finally bought a sewing machine so will be looking for gear to modify etc. Sincerely hope all is well at your end."

"Hi Just to let you know my order arrived safely today,i am totally delighted with my order  and your service,it really makes a change to deal with people who care and keep their costumers updated with emails,as soon as Ive saved some pennies I'll be back kind regards Chris"
"Hi guys, Just wanted to thank you for your customer service. I ordered a 58 pattern poncho a couple of days ago and during the process of it it's delivery I was kept abreast of its status. The poncho has just arrived an looks like new! Thank you very much for your excellent customer service! Kindest regards - Keith G"
"Order received with thanks (very speedy, cheers) B.G"
"Hi, Just want to say thank you for the parcel that was waiting when I got in from work.  The bowl is bigger than I thought - excellent! - also pretty cool it has the name of the boy it was issued to.  I could have ordered bigger for the gloves but they will be fine for what they are needed for i.e. removing hot things from fires while avoiding partially cooked fingers - a lesson learned from last weekend... Neckerchief is also perfect as a multi-purpose bit of cotton. Thanks again for the usual great service!  I will visit the actual shop when visiting the "in-laws" in Plymouth some time...Yours, Euan"
"Hi Kev,

All received as expected - for what it's worth as a customer, I think the choice of DPD is brilliant. Had deliveries from a number of places via them, and there delivery app is very good, having a time slot is REALLY useful (waiting in all day for a ****** (edited by Mister E) delivery on a couple of occasions not so good ) and their drivers (so far !) have always been very pleasant (you can draw your own conclusions about some others I'm sure)

Got to say, those "D" rings are AWESOME ! Although you have gone to the trouble of putting the sizes on the page very clearly, I didn't even look at it, so when they arrived I was a little (pleasantly) surprised.

The down side is that my wife quickly spotted that they would make suitable handcuffs, so instructions on how to escape from them would be greatly appreciated (you know, in an hour or so, the candle's still burning  )
Very best wishes to you and all there
"Many thanks for your email. Just received the order - my son is delighted! First class service. Regards Matt D"
"Hi Kevin, Just a note to advise of the safe arrival of #3476. That spade looks almost’s super (‘Scuse the pun)! My Grandfather always said, buy the best equipment you can afford if it’s something you may need to depend on, and as usual, you’ve done me proud. Those head-overs are great too, I especially like the Swiss one...isn’t that an odd colour though? I must also make mention of #3470 and the Arctic candles. I’ve been trying to get hold of a box of those for about the last five years and always just miss out. Now I’ve finally got myself some, they appear every bit as good as I was expecting, and arrived very well packed. It was like a game of pass the parcel getting into ‘em, and No. 4 cat had a whale of a time with all packaging bags. Thanks also for the comms keeping me updated on their progress to me. Many thanks again from a very happy customer (and his faithful cat). Best Regards, Sam"
"Not sure if you want or need 'feedback', but the liners arrived, on time, today - They're great, in fantastic condition, and worth every penny! I've put one inside the other and then inside my Norwegian sleeping bag cover, add an Italian wool blanket if it's really cold, and a great woolen bivvy bundle! Thanks, Simon H."
"hiya kev....just wanted to say thanks for the v.i.p. treatment i got at the gathering...i've been stroking and crooning over the lovely gear i got from you and the last coupla nights i've kipped under one of the wool blankets....warm as hell!!! Sonni Beneath The Stars"
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